Website Editing for English Language Sites
Written by Non-Native Writers

English Editing for Sites Written by Non-Native WritersEnglish can be a difficult language to learn because of its many irregularities. The Oxford Royale Company lists several characteristics of English that make it maddening to learn. Exceptions to rules make it necessary to simply memorize irregularities (the past tense for “teach” is “taught,” whereas the past tense for “preach” is “preached”). For words with an “ie” or an “ei” combination, children are taught the rule, “I before E except after C.” But that doesn’t always hold (for example, “seize”). Word order is important. A sentence can be grammatically correct but the words be in the wrong order to convey the meaning intended. Synonyms aren’t always interchangeable. (See

The Internet has made information and products of non-English speakers readily available to the English-speaking world. Sometimes Websites writers have enough knowledge of English to get their main points across, but it is obvious to native English speakers when the copy was written by people for whom English is not their first language, and mistakes and stilted writing can have negative effects on the reader. Thus, even though for practical purposes the intended message can be understood, poorly written or translated text can create negative attitudes toward the company or the product. Website readers should have as little to stumble over as possible.

I will not translate from your language, nor will I re-write your copy according to the standards of good marketing. I am not a marketing expert. I will, however, re-word your text as necessary to make it sound more natural to an English-speaking audience.

Price: $30.00 per hour