Wade Editing Services

Specializing in the Christian writing market on both popular and academic levels

Rick Wade, Christian Academic Editor


My background has prepared me to work with both academic and popular level writing, especially in the Christian market.

My formal education was in communications (BA), theology and philosophy of religion (MA), and Western thought and the humanities (MHum). My subsequent studies while serving as a staff member of Probe Ministries (Plano, Tex.) expanded my exposure to the literature in these and related areas, especially in the broad area of Christianity and culture/society.

In addition to my own speaking and writing with Probe, I edited Web articles which began as radio transcripts, and I was the editor for our quarterly publication, the Vanguard newsletter. In my own writing the sometimes difficult concepts and terminology of academic works had to be re-worded for popular consumption. This gave me a facility in both worlds.

That I specialize in the Christian market isn’t to say I won’t work with texts that aren’t specifically Christian in content. It indicates that I am familiar with “Christian speak” and with the ideas and issues of concern to Christians. All requests, whether of Christian orientation or not, will be considered.

It should be understood, however, that I may not be prepared to work with high-level academic works in areas outside my background which presuppose specialized knowledge by the reader.


“Rick Wade has an eye for detail, a thorough knowledge of grammar and style, and an excellent grasp of the written word. He expertly converted what I thought was a decent manuscript into a crisp, well-oiled, and tightly argued book. I highly recommend Rick for any of your editing needs.”

  • Paul Gould, PhD, author of Ideas and the Gospel and The Outrageous Idea of the Missional Professor


“Rick Wade is a life saver! Sometimes eyes glaze over after repetitiously looking at your own work. Hiring him to copyedit my dissertation gave me the confidence and peace of mind that my final product would be excellent. His services were, are, and will be a worthy investment!”

  • Corey Miller, PhD, author of “Moses Maimonides and Thomas Aquinas on the Good Life: From the Fall to Human Perfectibility” (PhD dissertation, Univ. of Aberdeen)