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Rick Wade, Christian Academic Editor

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Rick Wade, Christian Book Editor
Proofreading is the final cleanup before a work is printed. It includes correcting typos, spelling, punctuation, spacing, verb tenses, singular or plural, and minor grammatical problems.
Copyediting includes the elements of proofreading plus formatting, word choice, basic sentence structure, consistency of word usage and tone, and general comments on the appropriateness of style given the intended audience.
Heavy Copyediting
Heavy copyediting is my designation for writings which require an extensive level of copyediting. Sentences may be reworded or paragraphs re-worked for clarity and flow. There is a focus on readability and comprehensibility, with how well ideas and arguments are expressed.
Line Editing
This level of editing is identical to heavy copyediting (which includes line and stylistic editing) but without close attention to formatting.
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